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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 18

Some work was going on at the ballpark on Sunday, although nothing visible.

Now that we definitively know the bleachers won't be open for Opening Night, we can turn our attention to how the project is proceeding and see if that progress coordinates with the Cubs' projected opening for the new bleachers on Monday night, May 11. Here's a report from BCB's David Sameshima from his Sunday visit.

Originally I had not planned on visiting the ballpark. I unexpectedly had some extra time available and it was still light outside. I did not have my monopod with me. That's why the Sundaysphotos are limited to where I could fit my compact camera into gaps along the fence or tarp.I arrived after 3:00 p.m. According to my phone, the temperature was 40 degrees (+33 wind chill). All was quiet on Sheffield Avenue, Waveland Avenue and in the triangle lot. I could hear machinery and voices coming from the third base line concourse. There is now a white tarp covering that entire side, so nothing inside is visible.It was interesting to observe the motorists turning east on Waveland, from Clark. Due to barricades at the corner, drivers cannot see that Waveland now ends at the firehouse (Seminary Avenue). With the convention taking place over the weekend, I was wondering what percentage of those confused drivers were just local motorists, and how many were visitors trying to take a look at the project.

David wasn't able to visit on Monday, so we'll have more photos toward the middle of the week.