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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 1

New Year's Day brought a visit to Wrigley Field for a very specific reason.

There was no work going on at Wrigley Field Thursday due to the New Year's Day holiday. But BCB's David Sameshima went to the ballpark anyway. Here, I'll let him explain:

It was another frigid day at the ballpark. Per the Cubs neighborhood email, I already knew that no work was scheduled for the holiday. I just wanted to take one last opportunity to photograph right field, before the new tarps went up. I also wanted to try photographing left field by using my camera on a monopod, to photograph over the new tarps. I did take some photos of the VIP Gate (Gate R) area to show where some of the batting practice equipment is stored during games (photo 10). They opened up the wall down the right field line, next to the foul pole, to create an access gate. The Sheffield Grill is further south of this space, so it was not affected when this area was opened up a few years ago.

I'm still of the opinion that they will be finished on time for Opening Night April 5. That's 93 days from today. Once the foundation is finished, the steel can go up quickly and then it's just a matter of getting the concrete into the seating area, the seats in, and various other things that are required to be completed such as exits, restrooms, etc., as well as the Jumbotron construction. The Cubs can ramp up this job now. Weather can be a factor, but the crews can work in the cold. It's more snow and wind that would give them issues, and obviously, there will be some days like that over the coming days and weeks.