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Help The South Bend Cubs Name Their Mascot

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The new Cubs affiliate has a new mascot. Now it just needs a name.

South Bend Cubs

The South Bend Cubs today announced a contest to name their new pants-wearing mascot. The contest is only open to residents of northern Indiana and southern Michigan (Nope, anyone can enter!) but I know many of you live in that area and are planning to attend games in South Bend. If they pick your name, not only do you get tickets to opening day, you also get to hear children cheering the name you came up with for years to come.

The complete South Bend Cubs press release:

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The South Bend Cubs unveiled an image of the new team mascot today and asked for fans throughout the region to help name him before the season starts. The new mascot will take the field on opening day, April 9th.

"We’re thrilled to welcome our new team mascot to town," said Joe Hart, President of the South Bend Cubs. "He’s a young, friendly cub himself who can’t wait to interact with other young South Bend Cubs fans.  He just needs a name. We could really use the fans’ help in coming up with a good one because he’s going to be the greatest ambassador for the team we have at Four Wind’s Field."

Fans throughout northern Indiana and southern Michigan are asked to submit their ideas for names on the South Bend Cubs Facebook page for one week starting this Thursday, January 22 through Thursday, January 29thVisit the South Bend Cubs Facebook page to submit a name.

From the names submitted, team management will select four of the best.  The final four will be posted on the South Bend Cubs Facebook page where fans can vote to select the final name. The winner will receive two tickets to the season opener (and the first hug from the new mascot).

The new team mascot will serve as a champion for the South Bend Cubs both on and off the field, making regular appearances at signature community events and those that support worthy causes.

However, "Swoop is still here and will continue to make regular appearances at Four Winds Field," said Andrew Berlin, Team Owner.  "He hasn’t flown the coop. We know how much kids love him, my kids do too!"

"It just feels right to give the fans a chance to name our new official mascot," added Hart. "Everything we do is about the fan experience. Our new mascot is their new mascot.  This will be fun.  And who knows, we may end up with the most interesting name for a new mascot in professional baseball history.  Let’s see what happens."

I'm not a resident of northern Indiana or southern Michigan so I can't enter, but my suggestion is "Ernie."  He looks like an "Ernie" to me. Any of you are free to submit it if you want. I can't enter.