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Cubs Will Have 3 Saturday Night Games At Wrigley

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This wasn't announced officially, but it's now on the schedule.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As the Cubs' opponents and TV networks have filled in game times for 2015, the Cubs' schedule has become nearly complete with those times. Just three teams the Cubs play this year (Padres, Indians, White Sox) have yet to release game times (and in late January, why not?), and apart from that, the schedule now has just seven "TBD" game times.

One thing I learned perusing this version of the schedule, which shows all the game times in an easy-to-read format, is that the Cubs will have three Saturday night games this year, part of Fox's "Baseball Night in America" series that runs for several Saturdays midsummer.

The three are: May 30 vs. the Royals, June 13 vs. the Reds and July 4 vs. the Marlins, all starting at 6:15 p.m. CT. There's no complete Fox schedule out yet, so it's difficult to tell which other Wrigley Saturday games will be carried on Fox, but the Cubs will also be involved in one of these games on the road: June 27 at St. Louis vs. the Cardinals.

Remember that Fox games are now viewable out-of-market if you have MLB.TV or Extra Innings and not subject to blackouts, so everyone can see those four games. In other words, if your local Fox station is not carrying the Cubs game and you have MLB.TV or EI, you can watch it.

I'll post the complete TV schedule when it's available, but thought you'd like to know about these now.