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Let's Crowdsource A New Cubs Victory Song!

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The Chicago Tribune is holding a contest for a song to replace "Go Cubs Go" and BCB's Danny Rockett needs your ideas and voices!

Singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Danny Rockett

Al emailed me last week with the news that the Tribune is holding a competition for a new "Cubs Win Anthem." I'm entering the contest and would love your help! Here's what we have to do:

1. Write a great singalong Cubs victory song. Anything longer than three minutes will be disqualified (and it probably should be closer to two).

2. Record it, and post it on YouTube.

3. Send the link to by Friday, Feb. 27.

Our panel of judges will pick the best songs, and you all will be able to listen to and vote for them online, round by round. When the final matchup yields a winner … that's the song.

You might remember that I already wrote a Cubs anthem. Last winter, I entered the contest for a new WGN radio opening with horns and vocals from BCB readers Gary Kurtis and Lucas Shaffer and his family -- a musical crowdsourcing of sorts. I'm going to use the same song, per Al's suggestion, as the song fits the criteria well except for some of the lyrics. I'd love to give the tune a second life! Remix!

In an effort to crowdsource this new version with BCB readers again, I'm asking for the following participation in this order:

1. Lyric suggestions for the verse and chorus, or just your general thoughts on the emotions a Cubs victory brings out of you. Feel free to mess with my original lyrics.

2, If you can record yourself chanting "Let's Go Cubs" along with the video or track (which I can send you) and make it sound decent (no background or track noise), I will mix you into the group.

3. If you can sing and record yourself, sing the chorus too! (once the lyrics are done, of course.)

If you can't write, sing, shout, or record, how about being in the video? Send me your favorite picture of you and your friends or family at Wrigley Field and I'll include it in the YouTube music video!

Note: We have to be quick about this. I have to finish the song and video by the end of next week as I'm traveling soon. Plus, the proverbial early bird gets the worm, etc.

My goal is to have lyrics done by the end of the week as I'd like to record my nieces again this Saturday. After a "rough mix" of the chorus, any of you who want to sing will then have a track to sing with. You can send me chanting and pics any time.

If you live in the Chicago area, I'd be happy to record you in my studio too. I live a mile north of Wrigley. Bring beer.

Post any ideas here in the comments or email me at this address and let's get cracking!

I realize that "Go Cubs Go" is a tradition and no contest song can replace Steve Goodman's classic. Its popularity happened organically and you can't bottle that kind of magic. That being said, this contest inspires musicians to write more Cubs songs, which I think is great. So, please help me write this one.

Here is the original song. I'm going to cut the second verse and chorus to shorten it closer to the sought-after length of two minutes. Check out how it seems as if the Cubs lifted their new "Let's Go" season slogan from my song. Anyone know the Rooftop people's lawyer?