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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 20

Here's what it looked like around the construction site on Tuesday.

Progress might be slow in the Wrigley Field bleacher project, but it is being made. Here's Tuesday's report from BCB's David Sameshima:

I arrived around 3:30pm. According to my phone, the temperature was 37 degrees (+33 wind chill). Things appeared to be winding down for the day. Workers appeared to be checking out for the day, during my visit.Work must have been ongoing in the triangle lot. I did manage to take a few photos of the activity in the lot. As I was leaving, around 4:20, a concrete truck just arrived.I also notice the interesting assortment of messages, still being displayed under the marquee. I photographed some of them. I think you'll see why someone needs to update them.

We'll continue to update with more photo sets as often as possible, and of course if there's any news regarding any changes in the Cubs' stated bleacher-opening date of May 11, I'll post that too.