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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 24

There's more than bleacher construction news in this update.

On the day that we learned that Ernie Banks passed away, BCB's David Sameshima found tributes to Ernie at Wrigley Field, as well as some construction work going on:

I arrived just after 2:00 p.m. It was a mild day; my phone said it was 42 degrees (+35 wind chill). There were a lot of people walking around the ballpark, and media trucks set up along Addison Street. I heard many visitors say they were disappointed that they could not take photos from the sidewalk in front of the marquee. The tall construction fences on the sidewalk underneath obstructed the view of the marquee with its tribute to Ernie. Everyone had to settle for moving across the street to take a photo of the marquee.As I walked east along Addison, I saw that a memorial space had started on the sidewalk in front of the Captain Morgan Club.There was work taking place along the bleachers. Due to continuing technical issues I am having on the Waveland Avenue side, I don't have any photos from that side. I was now running late for another obligation, so I did not have any time to look at the triangle lot.

Yesterday, someone asked in the comments if the Cubs might fly the Ernie Banks flag at half-staff. In addition to the closeups you see of it flying at half-staff on the scoreboard, you can see it on the right-field foul pole (photo 4) and, in the distance, on the left-field foul pole (photo 9).