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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 26

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Quite a bit of concrete work ongoing at the ballpark on Monday.

Catching up on the last few days' worth of work at Wrigley Field, here's BCB's David Sameshima's report on the work there on Monday:

I arrived at 3:30 p.m. My phone showed that the temperature was 27 degrees (+21 wind chill). It was pretty quiet on Waveland Avenue, but busy everywhere else. There were concrete trucks everywhere. When I was leaving at 5:00, another concrete truck had pulled up on Sheffield Avenue. I saw 4 concrete trucks still in the triangle lot when I left.They had not started on the new storm drain work at Clark and Waveland yet. I heard that earlier in the day they did start the preliminary work for this project. They made cuts into the street to mark where they will be working.

Once again, the decent weather has helped the crews keep up. Continuing the series of construction photos, we'll have the set from Tuesday's work at Wrigley Field posted here at BCB this afternoon.