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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 27

There's more work going on in the neighborhood, as well as at the ballpark.

I realize this makes three construction-update posts in less than 24 hours, but now we're caught up through Tuesday's work at the ballpark and also on the surrounding streets where they're putting in new storm drains. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report:

It was bright and sunny Tuesday. I arrived early, around 10:30 a.m. A lot to cover today. They started to work on installing new storm drains, near Waveland and Clark. Today they started digging on the south side of Waveland Avenue, just west of Clark Street. This is directly in front of Bernie's Tavern. They are supposed to next start digging on Clark Street, which will reduce Clark to only one lane during work hours.I had much better luck today photographing on Waveland Ave, which was fortunate. They were delivering concrete in left field, and I was able to document the setup they were using. There was something else in left field which I did not notice until I was home and reviewing the photos. There appears to be an opening in the inner bleacher wall in left-center field. If you look carefully, you can see it photo 1. I am wondering if this was a location for one of the original outfield doors.In right field, they appear to be bringing down more of the inner bleacher wall near the "well" in Section 315. I wasn't able to obtain a sharp photo of it using the monopod-mounted camera over top of the fence, so I switched to using my small camera through a gap in the fence.

David is hoping to get back to the ballpark Wednesday, and also check out the Ernie Banks statue downtown at Daley Plaza, so we hope to have more photos here tomorrow.