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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 2 Special Evening Edition

There's a real beauty seeing Wrigley Field under construction at night.

There has now been night baseball at Wrigley Field for 27 seasons. The schedule of night games has gone from 18 (1989) to 30 (2002) to 35 (2014 and beyond).

To this day there are some people I know who won't go to night games at Wrigley Field. I don't understand this way of thinking. Sure, I love day baseball and for many years it was kind of a badge of honor, being a fan of the only team that didn't play home night games. But the reality is that the Cubs couldn't possibly compete in the modern baseball world without lights. There's too much money involved in the game and the Cubs couldn't make enough without home night games, which get more TV viewers even if sometimes they draw fewer than comparable afternoon games. (The latter is likely to end once the team improves.)

You'd have to be in your late 30s or older to have any real concrete memory of Wrigley Field without lights. This, incidentally, will happen 25 or so years from now when you'll have to be that age or older to remember Wrigley Field without a Jumbotron. Times and things change, and although there's been baseball played at the corner of Clark & Addison for over 100 years, there's very little of the original structure we now call Wrigley Field left. It has always, always been adapted to its times.

Just a few thoughts while you look at the photos David Sameshima took Friday evening, while work was definitely ongoing at Wrigley. With the nasty weather ongoing Saturday afternoon, the workers might have to take a break, but they'll work even through bitter cold next week as long as it's not snowing or too windy.