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Keith Law's Top 10 Cubs Prospects

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The writer finishes a busy week with a list of the top Cubs propsects.

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On Wednesday, Keith Law of named the Cubs as baseball's top farm system and yesterday, he named Kris Bryant the top prospect in all of baseball and Addison Russell as the fourth-best prospect. Today he gave a detailed breakdown of the Cubs system by releasing his list of the top 10 Cubs prospects.

(By this point, I don't have to remind you that the rankings are available only to Insider subscribers, do I? Nor do I have to remind you that a subscription to ESPN the Magazine is pretty inexpensive and gets you Insider access?)

Law's top ten Cubs prospects are:

  1. Kris Bryant 3B
  2. Addison Russell SS
  3. Jorge Soler RF
  4. Kyle Schwarber C
  5. Gleyber Torres SS
  6. Billy McKinney OF
  7. Albert Almora OF
  8. Duane Underwood RHP
  9. C.J. Edwards RHP
  10. Jen-Ho Tseng RHP

Those are the positions he listed the players at, although he reiterated his belief that Schwarber does not stay behind the plate. Law says the top six players should all be at least everyday major leaguer players or better. He also says that several prospects outside the top six have the potential to be stars one day as well.

Although he doesn't actually list his prospects 11-20, from his overall discussion of the system, it is almost possible to put that list together as well.

11. Justin Steele

12. Pierce Johnson

13. Victor Caratini

14. Dylan Cease

15. Eloy Jimenez

16. Carson Sands

17. Jake Stinnett

18. Rob Zastryzny

19. ????

20. Bijan Rademacher

Clearly Law isn't as high on the Cubs more advanced pitchers (Edwards and Johnson) as others are, including me. But the flipside of that is that he is pretty high on the younger pitchers like Underwood and Tseng, along with the young arms drafted last June.

Law list Steele as his "sleeper" prospect, thinking the 19-year-old still has a lot of room to grow.

I'd also like to remind you that tonight at 8 p.m. CT, MLB Network will announce their Top 50 prospects in a one-hour special. I assume that the Cubs will have at least three players on that list and possibly more. We'll have another post after that list is announced tonight.