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Make Some Bold 2015 Cubs Predictions

Let's continue the lead-up to the start of spring training by making some truly bold predictions.

In a bit of irony, predicting a walk-off win results in a shaving cream pie is not a bold prediction.
In a bit of irony, predicting a walk-off win results in a shaving cream pie is not a bold prediction.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

One of the links in another excellent edition of Cub Tracks by Russ La Croix got me thinking. The link came from Chicago Cubs 101 and the author made the "bold prediction" that the Cubs' starting rotation would be bit by the injury bug.

I didn't actually read the article, but I chimed in anyway, noting that pitchers getting hurt is never a bold prediction.

But what would qualify as bold predictions for the 2015 Cubs?

Here's the ground rules. Use them as a guide to make your predictions and discuss those made by your fellow posters.

  1. Bold Predictions should be, well, bold. "I think David Ross will hit .210 this year" is not very bold.
  2. Bold Predictions should be specific. "I think David Ross will hit well this year" may be bold, but isn't specific.  "I think David Ross will hit .300 in 200+ PAs" is specific. And bold.
  3. Bold Predictions should be plausible. "I think David Ross will hit 35 HRs this year" is both bold and specific, but as a (soon to be) 38-year-old who hasn't topped double figures in homers since 2007 and has a career high of 21, it's not really a plausible prediction.

Sorry to pick on you, David. I hope you play well.

Here are my Bold Predictions. I tried to mix them throughout different areas of the team.

  • Anthony Rizzo will win the NL MVP award after leading the Cubs to the playoffs with a NL best HR total of 41 and an OBP of over .405.
  • Four members of the Cubs' starting rotation will win 10+ games (only Jake hit that mark last year), but Jon Lester will not lead the team in wins.
  • The front office will end up eating over $5 million in "dead money" by releasing players. The bold part? That total does not count any money from Edwin Jackson.
  • And finally.... the Cubs will go 12-3 in games that end in shaving cream pies. The young, cardiac Cubs will finish well with walk-offs.

Let's have some fun. And be bold, BCB.