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A 14-Mile Walk For Ernie Banks

BCB's Danny Rockett took a 14-mile walk for number 14. Here's some of what he saw.

Today our beloved Mr. Cub lies in repose in the Gothic Fourth Presbyterian church on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The Ernie Banks statue is in Daley Plaza next to a Picasso sculpture. And Wrigley Field, Mr. Banks' favorite place on earth is transforming into a place he'll never see. It was a crisp sunny Friday to say goodbye to Mr. Cub at the dawn of a new era, and a perfect day for a long walk.

Ernie Banks gave Cubs fans a hero who exemplified everything we strive to be as human beings. With determination, positive attitude and a strong work ethic, Mr. Banks appreciated every moment, every fan, and every day blessed with baseball. No Cubs player gave more of himself on and off the field to the city of Chicago than Ernie Banks did. So for the man who walked mile after mile in Cubbie blue shoes, I walked 14 miles for number 14.

I walked from Uptown. Past Wrigley. To the Fourth Presbyterian church. To Daley Plaza. To Harry Caray's. Back to Wrigley. Then back home.

I made a new friend named Rick who told me great stories about his personal encounters with Ernie Banks. Paid my personal respects to Mr. Cub. Ate a corned beef sandwich. Drank two for Ernie. Got some exercise. And took a whole bunch of great photos of our beautiful city and ballpark with my new camera which is too bulky to selfie with.

Here are my photos from my walk with Mr. Banks.