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Cubs Fans Say Goodbye To Ernie Banks

BCB's Danny Rockett walked down to Clark and Addison for Ernie Banks' final trip around Wrigley Field. This is some of what he saw.

Hundreds of Cubs faithful turned out at Wrigley Field to say goodbye to Mr. Cub. There were tears, singing, cheering, but most of all, the spirit of warmth and community that Mr. Banks so tirelessly worked for throughout his life. It was said often throughout his funeral that the world is a better place for having had Ernie Banks in it. The Cubs fans who came to the corner of Clark and Addison were there not only to say "goodbye," but "thank you" to Ernie for having given so much of his life to us. We were there to celebrate an everlasting spirit that will live on as long as there is baseball played on the North Side of Chicago.

The sun was shining brightly in the morning of the day Ernie Banks was laid to rest. But shortly after the funeral ended, the skies became overcast, foreboding the coming snow. I imagined that even the Earth's life-giving star couldn't bear shining on a day without Ernie Banks. But from this next baseball season to eternity, every moment the sun shines on the Friendly Confines, we'll all know that Ernie's right there with us in the stands.

There were only two things I wished were different concerning the procession. One, I would have had them circle the ballpark twice. Two, I wish Ernie had been there to see how much we all love him.