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My Cubs 2014 Year in Pictures: Preseason

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BCB's Danny Rockett recaps the 2014 season in photos.

Danny Rockett

For those who are new to my sordid antics, my name's Danny Rockett and I play Rock and Roll, party, and watch the Cubs. I moved to Chicago at the end of 2012 from NYC after I got divorced and lost a good job and my recording studio. To top off that hilarious year, my dog died too. So I moved a mile north of Wrigley Field to be close to family, friends, and of course, the Cubs. After two years, I seem to be accomplishing every baseball fan's dream midlife crisis.

In 2014, I caught around 80 games at home and on the road. If I had to sum it all up for me and the Cubs, I'd say it was a transitional year. Looking back over this holiday break at all the photos I took, some of which have appeared on BCB, I took stock of all the fun times following the Cubs have provided me as we turn the corner together and get back to championship form.

Articles on this blog have a pretty short shelf life thanks to the diligent work of all the BCB writers, so i thought it would be fun to give some of the baseball travel photos I took last year a second life in a long off season. With only a weekend of Cubs convention to look forward to and a "pitchers and catchers" date still unset, take a break from shoveling out your car in a face mask and parka and reminisce about fun at the old ballpark.

It all began last January with a walk around Wrigley Field.

Cubs Time

Then off to the Cubs convention!

Bathrobe fan

This style is against dress code at most establishments.

Pajama Cub

In the likelihood the front office panel is boring, be prepared to nap comfortably in snuggly Cubs pajamas!

First Clark Selfie

Remember last off season when the Cubs' most exciting signing was a mascot?

A Cubs authentic personalized jersey will run you over $200 at the shop. A Dale Sveum autographed authentic jersey -- $85. It didn't sell.

Gary and Fukudome

My keyboard player Gary got a great deal on a Fukudome jersey.

Gary and his organ

While another Gary (Pressey) tickled his organ.

Rollie Signing

Rollie Fingers reluctantly signs my Cubs Gnome's moustache for charity and $20.

Autograph Gnome

The gnome made an appearance a week later when my buddy Loren fell asleep on my couch.

Loren Gnome

Addison El

Due to inclement weather, this game has been snowed out!

A polar vortex or two later, it was off to Spring Training in Mesa and Vegas! A much needed respite from the bitter winter of 2014.

Airplane Desert

My sun deprived dour mood evaporated in the desert sun.

Rockett Bike


Cubs Game Ahead

Peoria 2014

Cubs Spring sign

Monkey Cubs

Nothing beats the "monkey taking a shower" Cubs mascot or hanging out with new and old friends on the berm and at the bar!

Paul Rockett

Scottsdale Selfie

Hanging with the staff of Scottsdale Stadium and a medical pot entrepreneur after the Cubs' 3-2 preseason win over the World Champion Giants. Maybe we'll all go here later.

Abandoned theatre

After a few sun and fun filled days in Arizona, I hopped the mariachi music fueled "banda bus" with these fellows to fabulous Las Vegas!

Banda Bus

You know that commercial where those guys take a road trip and listen to a learn Spanish tape and end up knowing Spanish after a few hours? Yeah. That really can happen...

Welcome to Vegas

In Sin City, I met up with my favorite drummer, Johnny Onomatopoeia who takes a much needed berm nap after a sleepless night of playing craps.

Johnny Berm

After the game, this industrious fan found the beer taps unguarded.

Beer Stealing Fan

And then Johnny rolled down the hill outside of Cashman Field. Something I had learned not to do past age 40 after attempting the same feat the previous fall.

Johnny hill

The next day, Sunday, Johnny and I were in pretty rough shape after a night spent partially with this man.

Crazy vegas artist

We drove famed Cubs Fan Foto photographer Katelyn Kelley to the airport.

Katelyn Rockett

And then back on the beautiful berm and a Cubs win!

Berm View

It was at this game where I randomly met Ann Fredrickson, who generously gave me free tickets for the entire opening series. She also gave me free tickets throughout the year in exchange for a few of the Bobblehead giveaways. I could not have afforded to go to as many games as I did without the kindness of people like Ann and a sixth straight season out of contention.

Ann Rockett

After the game, we drove back to Los Angeles, where I experienced my first earthquake, indicated by this askew lampshade.

Askew Lamp

And then it was back to Chicago for the start of the 2014 baseball season.

overhead chicago

Rockett Winter cold

Happy to be home! Not.

All in all, the Spring Training trip cost me under $1,000. I had hopes that this year, I'd be playing with a little more cash thanks to this baby.

Gambling Cubs

But alas. Another $5 of gambling losses.

So what about you? Any of you going to the convention? Spring Training? Why not get your picture in my next year's recap?  You're missing a hell of a good time! Come hang out!