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The Most Active BCB Posters For 2014

Courtesy of SB Nation, we now have statistics honoring... you.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As we had here a year ago, I received from SB Nation this afternoon statistics for posts and comments by all of you for the calendar year 2014.

Congratulations to Lifetime Cubs Fan, eths and The Deputy Mayor of Rush Street for winning their categories. For Deputy, it's the second straight year he's topped the list of most comments -- with almost 13,000 more in 2014 than 2013. Something to shoot for, for the rest of you, for 2015!

Here's last year's results and now, on to this year's!

Enjoy, and I'm sure you will have more comments... in the comments.

Most FanPosts
  Lifetime Cubs Fan                  10        
  motorboatsoundmachine              10        
  chapman_123                        9        
  MizzouVet                          6        
  Jeffrey Kaldahl                    6        
  ksreed                             5        
  Madurbi                            5        
  checkmate23                        5        
  ThomasSmith                        4        
  Holtzmaniac                        4     
Most FanShots
  eths                               30        
  MN exile                           21        
  Al Yellon                          18        
  chapman_123                        14        
  Tim Huwe                           11        
  JOVE23                             8        
  daver                              6        
  RiskyBusiness                      5        
  papercup                           5        
  katie casey                        5     
Most Comments
  The Deputy Mayor of Rush Street    35539    
  JC--Cubbiefanforever               25230    
  ddoubleheader                      20623    
  Al Yellon                          18900    
  cooliogirl47                       14220    
  Ryan W. Kasten                     12809    
  daver                              11574    
  elgato                             9327      
  Tim Huwe                           9232      
  lowercasekyle                      8997