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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 6

Here's our first look at the project after a snowfall -- and yes, they're working.

You all know that winter has taken its hold on Chicago, with the season's first significant snowfall and Arctic-style temperatures. BCB's David Sameshima found that out firsthand at Wrigley Field on Tuesday:

They still have not completed installing the "high" tarps on the fences around the job site. Today I stuck with just shooting over the fence. I didn't want to deal with changing my camera setup today, from situation to situation.The cold was brutal, and Wednesday is supposed to be worse. I just took photos, and left as soon as I saw that I had some usable photos. This wasn't the day to spend any time figuring out what work was taking place. Most of my visit was spent standing around, warming my hands, so I could use operate the camera for the next shot. Since I was prepared for this weather, the rest of me was fine. I just could not wear heavier gloves and still work the camera because of how I have to set it up to deal with the fences.On Waveland, it wasn't until I got home that I saw what they might have been doing. I honestly didn't know what the crane was doing when I was there. It appears that the crane was holding the mechanism to transfer concrete from the truck parked on the street, to where they were pouring in the bleachers. There were more concrete trucks waiting outside too.It was interesting to see those "posts" rising in the triangle lot. I could see 6 "posts" from the street. There was work taking place in the triangle lot, but nothing I could photograph from the street.

In addition to David's notes, I wanted to pass along to you some information about the Cubs and permits for the work that was sent to me by BCBer Neighborfan, who has a particular interest in this part of the job.

This is the permit application for the enlargement of the outfield doors, which has now been approved.

Here's another Cubs permit application which is for quite a number of different things connected with the bleacher project:


It says "FIELD WALL LED RIBBON BOARD," and I'm not exactly sure what that is. It doesn't appear to match anything in the renderings. Finally, there's there's this Cubs permit application which has to do with "architectural, mechanical and electrical build out." Some of the things in that application have yet to be approved.

It's 88 days until the Cubs take the field against the Cardinals for Opening Night. Considering they're working through bitter cold and after a snowfall, I still think they'll be finished on time.