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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 7

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It's brutally cold, but the crews are still hard at work.

Once again, I want to personally and publicly thank BCB's David Sameshima for going to Wrigley Field on the coldest days of the year (so far) to take photos so that all of us can see the progress made on the project. They're definitely working through the cold and snow, so unless there's a massive snowstorm or any extremely windy days, the weather shouldn't stop progress. Here is David's report.

They were working at the ballpark when I arrived around 3:30. There was no activity on the Sheffield Avenue side. They might have already quit for the day. They were still working on the Waveland Avenue side. It looked like they might have been wrapping up for the day, as I started seeing groups of workers checking out.I did hear equipment operating along the west side of the ballpark. I was not clear if these sounds were coming from the ballpark, or from the triangle lot. Regardless, there appeared to be more work taking place. My compliments to the workers on the job Tuesday and Wednesday. It's been brutally cold, with more similar weather on the way this week. According to my phone, the temperature in Chicago was 4 degrees (-16 wind chill) during my visit.

I wouldn't blame David if he wanted to stay inside today; if he does visit and send photos, we'll have them here tomorrow.