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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 8

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For the first time, we have photos of the project DURING a snowfall.

It might have been hard for you to get around Chicago the last few days with the snow and cold, but BCB's David Sameshima headed over to Wrigley Field Thursday when it was both snowy and very cold to take photos of the renovation project. Here's his report:

When I arrived, the first thing I saw was a concrete truck under the marquee at Clark and Addison. That answered my question about whether they were working or not in the bitter cold. I arrived just around noon. The official Chicago temperature was 2 degrees (-20 wind chill) when I visited. Very light flurries began right after I arrived. I didn't see any work taking place on the right-field side.When I got to Sheffield and Waveland, there was a group of construction workers walking away from the ballpark. A security person at the gate called out to them, asking if they were going to lunch. They responded that they were done for the day.When I moved over to left field, it looked empty as well. It wasn't until I moved down toward Kenmore that I noticed a few workers in the foundation area. I counted six people still at work. I didn't see any work taking place in the triangle lot, but the view is limited from the street. There was truck traffic on the Waveland side, so I was not able to walk up to the fence to take a better look. There were still trucks coming into, and leaving, the job site.I stopped off at McDonald's for lunch and hot coffee. While there, the snow picked up, to near whiteout conditions. Of course when I was ready to go back out, the snow died down. I did take a few more photos, with the snow coming down, before leaving.A few more notes: They must have just taken down the Cubs holiday tree that was in front of the Cubs Store. I also forgot to mention that I noticed that the Cubs Store was closed on Tuesday. The sign on the door (photo 32) stated that they will reopen on March 20.

The weather forecast calls for very cold temperatures for two more days, then moderation into seasonable chill (highs in the 20s to low 30s). No more snow is expected, according to that link, for the next week. That should make for good conditions for working after Saturday.