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The Cubs Send Out Postseason Ticket Advice

This advice is well worth following.

As I mentioned yesterday when I posted images of my postseason tickets, I carefully removed every bit of personally-identifiable information: my account number, the seat numbers, and most importantly, the barcodes. Those barcodes are like gold: that's what gets you into the ballpark, not just for postseason games, but for any game.

You might have seen images of postseason tickets on social media the last couple of days, proudly shared by people happy to have Cubs playoff tickets. Unfortunately, not everyone was as careful as I was, which prompted the Cubs ticket office to send out this email to season-ticket holders:

As our valued Season Ticket Holders begin to receive their postseason ticket packages, we've noticed an increasing number of postseason ticket images being shared on social media and other online channels.

To help prevent the unintended or fraudulent resale of your postseason ticket(s), PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SHARING IMAGES THAT REVEAL YOUR TICKET'S UNIQUE BARCODE LETTERS AND NUMBERS. As you're likely aware, a ticket's unique barcode letters and numbers are the only information required to list your ticket for resale via StubHub, MLB's Official Secondary Ticket Marketplace.

If you list your postseason ticket(s) for resale through any other resale channels, we highly discourage you from sharing your ticket's unique barcode letters and numbers prior to finalizing the exchange.

Please note, if you do share your barcodes, the Cubs cannot be responsible for resulting use by third parties.

We share in your excitement about the potential of postseason play at Wrigley Field and appreciate your help in ensuring the safety of your ticket(s).

The capitalization and boldface is in the original email.

This is sound advice. Be proud and happy about the tickets. But don't share unless you've covered up the barcodes and other personal info.