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Wrigley Field Playoff Preparations: October 11

Photos of the ballpark, and Wrigleyville neighborhood, Sunday afternoon getting ready for postseason baseball!

The Cubs are getting ready for Game 3 against the Cardinals Monday afternoon.

The players aren't the only ones who need preparations. So does Wrigley Field, and the area surrounding the ballpark. While I was spending Sunday driving back to Chicago from St. Louis, BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigleyville to see what was happening around the ballpark.

I went down to Wrigley Field Sunday afternoon to see what was happening outside the ballpark before the big game. It was media day at the ballpark, so I knew that I might see some activity around the park. I did see some of the ballhawks hanging out on Waveland. I arrived late in the day, and heard that the Cubs took a brief batting practice earlier in the day. The Cardinals were still taking batting practice when I arrived. I just missed all the excitement. Before my arrival, a Cardinals player hit a batting practice ball out of the yard; it broke a window on the building across the street. I heard that the broken glass came showering down on a couple walking down the sidewalk. The couple was fortunately uninjured. They were just cleaning up the glass on the sidewalk when I arrived. Later I heard that the ball was hit by Mark Reynolds and an appropriate sign was put up in the window.In front of the ballpark, I noticed boxes stacked up inside of Gate D. I took some photos. They appear to be promo rally towels, based on the labels on the boxes.Inside the bleacher gate there was new signage. I found them amusing, as once you enter the bleachers, it is pretty obvious where to go. The regulars should get a good laugh when they see this. I was looking to see if any section signs had gone up in the bleachers. It's hard to really see anything from the street, but I did spot one new section sign in the left field corner. When the bleachers reopened earlier this year, they never put up any section signage, and now it is needed for the reserved seating for the postseason.Alderman Tom Tunney had sent out an email last week advising about special traffic and parking plans, that would be in effect during the postseason games. Please look out for these special no parking signs that have been placed on selected streets. A residential parking permit won't help you on these particular blocks.Some friends happened to see me as I was checking out the parking restrictions. I ended up hanging out with them at a local establishment. When we did leave it was already dark, and the lights were still on at the ballpark. I took a few night photos of the park on my way home.

Just a few hours until thousands of people will fill our favorite ballpark, ready to see Jake Arrieta and the Cubs take Game 3 from the Cardinals.

Personally, I can't wait!