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Wrigley Field/Wrigleyville Playoff Game Scene: October 12

Here's what the scene around the ballpark looked like during Monday's game.

BCB's David Sameshima went to the area around Wrigley Field before and during Monday's game to capture some of the atmosphere surrounding the Cubs/Cardinals playoff matchup. Here's his report.

Here are only a few of the photos showing the scene outside of the ballpark Monday afternoon and evening. When I wasn't walking around the neighborhood, I hung out with the ballhawks on Waveland Avenue. A thank you to them for their hospitality.For those going today, the city is serious about the temporary parking restrictions. Just take a look at photos 1-3 and 11-12 in particular. The bike valet service was kept busy too, so you will likely expect a wait if you're bicycling to the park. I didn't even make it over to where the remote parking bus line was.I met up with a number of friends from the bleachers after the game, so I only made it around the ballpark after the crowd had thinned out. I can't tell you how it was over by the front of the ballpark after the game. The streets were mostly clear, but the police did do a sweep down Clark Street to make sure the crowd knew that it was time to get off the street.I do plan on hanging out, outside the ballpark again. I hope to have some more interesting photos to post for Game 4.