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Kyle Schwarber's HR Ball Will Stay On The Right-Field Video Board

The ball that vanished into the night has an honored resting place.

Tom Comings

Kyle Schwarber's monstrous home run, which at first appeared to clear the right-field video board but was later confirmed to have landed on top of the board, will stay up there at least for a while, writes Paul Sullivan in the Tribune:

A Cubs source confirmed to the Tribune that the monstrous Kyle Schwarber home run ball from Tuesday’s series-clinching win over the Cardinals landed on top of the right field video board.

A Cubs' employee was sent to retrieve the ball on Wednesday morning and a source said the team verified it was the actual Schwarber ball through an MLB postseason watermark on it.

The Cubs then returned it to its original location on top of the board and will leave it there until their postseason run has concluded.

The source said the Cubs will decide what to do with the ball after the season, but wanted to leave it there for now as a momento of the Game 4 win. The Cubs will put a plexiglass case around it for now to preserve it from the elements.

What an awesome exclamation point to Tuesday's Game 4, and series, win over the Cardinals.

A year ago, Kyle Schwarber had played 72 professional games, none above A ball. Now he's hitting legendary home runs in the major-league postseason. Who writes these scripts, anyway? Here's a photo tweeted during the game showing the ball on top of the board:

And a big thank you to Tom Comings for his gracious permission to use this photo at the top of this post.

I've spoken here at times about my son, who is now a junior at Indiana University. I can tell you from his stories to me, that Schwarber is an immensely popular figure in Bloomington, maybe the most popular athlete to come out of IU since Isiah Thomas.

Here's hoping he hits more home runs this month just like this one:

(Of course, I knew you wanted to watch it again!)