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MLB Announces All League Championship Series Game Times

The three games at Wrigley Field next week will all be at night.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball Friday afternoon announced the game times for the National League Championship Series and American League Championship Series beyond Monday -- those for Monday and earlier had been set last week. Rather than go into great detail in typing them all out, I'll just let you read them here (click to embiggen):

new mlb nlcs schedules

So, for those of you going to Wrigley Field next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (the latter if necessary), all three games will be at 7:07 p.m. CT, pretty much the same time most regular-season night games are played at the Friendly Confines.

As you can see, the only possible day game in the NLCS between the Cubs and Mets would be a Game 6 at Citi Field in New York, if necessary, Saturday, October 24.

MLB also announced the umpiring crews for the LCS Friday. Here's who will be making the calls on the field for the NLCS:

19-year major-league umpire Ted Barrett will oversee the crew assigned to the National League Championship Series. This is his 21st career Postseason assignment, including his seventh LCS.  Barrett will work alongside Eric Cooper, Rob Drake, Paul Emmel, Tim Timmons and regular season crew chief Bill Miller. Drake will call balls and strikes in Game One of the NLCS. Barrett, Cooper, Emmel and Miller officiated the AL Wild Card Game this Postseason. Umpire Mark Wegner will be the NLCS Replay Official, with the assistance of Estabrook, in Games One and Two before joining the on-field crew for Game Three, when Drake will serve in the Replay capacity. Wegner was a Replay Official for a Wild Card Game this Postseason.

Umpires had quite a number of quirky and odd calls to make during the Division Series round. Let's hope there are fewer controversial moments in the LCS.