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Mets Fans: Thanks For Your Hospitality, From A Cubs Fan

BCB's Danny Rockett thanks the Mets and their fans for their hospitality.

As opposed to what happened to me in Pittsburgh where I had a beer can thrown at my head, or in St. Louis, where I was told to "expletive expletive and Go Home," I have nothing but a positive experience to report about my weekend in New York City. I understand emotions run high in the playoffs, but there's never an excuse for violence and cursing when an opposing team's fan is in your ballpark and spending their hard-earned money in your city.

Fans at Citi Field were supportive, and didn't roll their eyes or verbally punish me and my Cubs fan friends for cheering on our team. In fact, many said that if the Mets weren't in it, they'd be cheering for the Cubs, and one usher even confided to me that he was rooting for us to win it all.

That said, I don't know if the reaction would have been different if the Cubs had won Games 1 and 2. Mets fans were obviously happy with what was going on in the ballgames, and to be honest, Cubs fans didn't really have the opportunity to make too much noise. There wasn't a whole lot to cheer about. But even while walking the streets and riding the trains in my bright blue Cubs coat, I wasn't treated with any hostility like I have been in other places. For that, I thank you Mets fans, and I hope to see you next weekend for Games 6 and 7 where I can find out if I'm treated any differently after the Cubs advance to the World Series in your ballpark.

I'm sure there were a few bad people in the crowd, and if anyone had a different experience, I'd like to hear about it. But I didn't see any, and that is unfortunately a rarity, which is why I wanted to publicly express my gratitude for the Mets fan hospitality despite my disappointment with the outcome of these games.

So Cubs fans, let's keep the confines friendly this week as we cheer on our Cubs to victory! Let's celebrate our collective love for the game of baseball and accentuate the positive!