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Wrigley Field And Wrigleyville Prepare For The National League Championship Series: Monday

Wrigley Field and the area around the ballpark are ready for Game 3 tonight!

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Monday afternoon and filed this report on preparations for the NLCS, both in the park and in the neighborhood.

It was a relatively quiet scene around the ballpark, as last-minute preparations were taking place for this week's games. The construction fences had been pushed out on Waveland Avenue, to allow work on the plaza building to continue. Monday, the fences had been moved back, to open up as much of Waveland as possible for the upcoming games. The broadcast lot is now filled with all the network equipment all in place.I did take a photo showing what the back of the left-field bleacher patio looks like. You can see part of the scaffolding, and the broadcast camera, now in position. I also spotted a broadcast camera in the left field corner of the upper deck. There is also a broadcast camera on the south end of the Budweiser Patio, in the right field corner.They have erected a substantial stage on the east end of the left field porch, underneath the left field video board. This is likely for the network pregame show. This explains why they have the generator trailer on Waveland. This stage is directly above where the generator is parked.The wind was blowing straight out in left field. It was blowing so hard, the bunting fastened to the back of the bleachers looked more like sails. I found four of the regular ballhawks parked out on Waveland. Some had been out there all day. The Cubs were at Wrigley for a "light" workout, which unfortunately did not involve a full batting practice. The ballhawks reported that nothing had been hit out of the park.With the postseason games, another common sight around the ballpark are black Cadillac SUVs. They seem to be the choice of VIPs. The party tent on Addison, across from Wrigley, is now fully enclosed. It is a very fancy setup, with glass doors at the main entrance.

Just a few hours before game time, when, hopefully, the Cubs will get back in this series.