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Cubs Fans: You Gotta Have Heart!

BCB's Danny Rockett with some encouraging facts and phrases for the Cubs on their march to victory.

Cubs fans got heart!
Cubs fans got heart!
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"Over? Did you say over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!" said Cubs fan John Belushi as Bluto in Animal House. Joseph Kennedy said and Billy Ocean sang "when the going gets tough the tough get going." And Confucius, when learning to roller skate, said: "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."


Listen, I'm as disappointed as you that the Cubs juggernaut of handsome youngsters has seemingly run into a graffiti covered brick wall from New York City, but there is still a game at Wrigley Field tonight and the fat lady hasn't sung.

Which team beat the Mets seven straight games this year? The Cubs.

Which team lost five games in a row to the Dodgers and Cardinals, then beat the Mets three straight on the road? The Cubs.

Which team was swept and no hit by the lowly Phillies,only to go 16-2 in their next 18 games? The Cubs.

The odds are against us. The chips are down. Our backs are against the wall. But it is not over.

All year we've watched this young team overcome adversity and turn the ship around with Joe Maddon and his "one game at a time philosophy" at the helm. As of last week, the Cubs proved they were one of the best four teams in baseball. They handily handled the 100-win Cardinals and the 98-win Pirates while winning 97 games themselves, including their last eight regular-season games. The Cubs have had 13 walkoff wins in 2015. They are a team that doesn't quit.

Yes. I saw the defeated looks of fans in the stands, thanks to national televisions tired narrative about Cubs fans and curses. I watched Kris Bryant hang his head and Kyle Schwarber scream obscenities into his glove. We're all frustrated. Every season needs a little luck and magic to go all the way to the Championship, and there hasn't been much magic in this NLCS so far. At least not for the Cubs. But who's to say the tides don't turn tonight?

What if some of those hard hit balls from Game 1 start reaching the corner tonight? Cubs win. What if Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta shut the Mets down like we know they're capable of? Cubs win. And what if in Game 7, when all hands are on deck, the Cubs put nine pitchers out there and squeak out the series victory in New York, with one of Joe Maddon's patented bullpen matchup games? Well, I'll tell you what happens. Cubs win, and we're going all the way. Because this Cubs team doesn't stop with just four wins. This team rattles off five in a row -- just as they did seven previous times this year. The fact of the matter is, if the Mets can win four in a row, the Cubs can win four in a row. Which is something they've already done nine times in 2015.

So tonight, all the way through the World Series, if you're at the game, unfold those arms, take your head out of your hands, and DO NOT give the cameras of TBS their lovable loser shot. And for land sakes! There's no crying allowed, unless they are tears of joy.

As an actor who's performed for thousands at a time, I can tell you we can feel the audience's energy from the stage, whether positive or negative. The Cubs can feel it too, and to be frank, I'm tired of the negativity on Twitter, the blogosphere, Facebook and especially from the national media and their obsession with their own idiotic loser narrative. Don't fall into their trap! We fans might not be able to choose the destiny of this 2015 Cubs team, but we can certainly let them know we are behind them every pitch. If you leave early, it better be because you pooped yourself, you're having a baby, or running from the law.

So let's go Cubs! If there's any team that can turn this series around, it's the 2015 Cubs team that I've been watching turn things around all year. In the musical "Damn Yankees," when the Washington Senators faced adversity from another New York team, the ball players sang, "You've gotta have heart. Miles and miles and miles of heart." How many miles? 810, precisely: The distance from Wrigley Field to Citi Field.