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The Wrigleyville Neighborhood Scene During NLCS Game 3

Even with the Cubs' loss, there was a lot happening in the area surrounding Wrigley Field Tuesday night.

I saw a motorcade approach me with a full Illinois State Police escort. It stopped on Addison, in front of the mystery tent across from the ballpark. It was much later that I was able to speak to an employee who let me know that it was a private party being held by the Ricketts.My favorite scorecard vendor was back. He missed the NLDS due to illness, so it was good to see him back. For the NLCS they are not selling regular scorecards. MLB is only selling a NLCS program book, which contains seven scorecards, one for each possible game in the eries. The program sells for $10.00. The normal scorecards are $1.50. So if you buy one and go to all the games, you're actually saving money.Of course, a continued heavy police presence around the ballpark. Mounted patrol units were helping control the crosswalks at Clark and Addison. I'm still astounded by the pedestrians who don't get out of the way when emergency vehicles are approaching with lights and sirens on.Spent most of my time again hanging out with the ballhawks on Waveland. One game that they play to pass the time is "sewerball." They roll the ball like a bowling ball, and attempt to land the ball on top of the sewer cover in the middle of the Waveland/Kenmore intersection. This is very difficult to accomplish. As we approached the end of the game, even some of the seasoned ballhawks departed. When the rain started to come down, the ballhawks put up their tent. The remaining ballhawks stayed under the tent, and there was only one ballhawk remaining out on the street. Matt was the last standing ballhawk, and he stayed out until the bitter end.After the game, I waited to look for my friends at the bleacher gate. Since they are usually the last ones out, the crowds were mostly already gone, when I left. There was still a long line at Racine and Addison for the remote parking lot shuttle buses. I didn't send Al all the correct photos. There is one of the line going down Racine, he didn't get the one showing the line going down Addison. It was too late, and I was too cold and wet, to actually walk down to see how long the line went. It was too dark to see.My last photo is of a Lamborghini that I have seen in the players' parking lot. This car was stuck in the postgame traffic on Racine Avenue with everyone else. 

I've seen that car come in and out of the players' parking lot tent a couple of times this year. I'm pretty sure it belongs to Starlin Castro.