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BCB Call For Contributors

Here's your chance to become a front-page writer for this site.

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

You might have noticed that Cub Tracks, a normal Sunday feature here at BCB, isn't here this morning. As noted in the season-ending edition last week, Russ La Croix has to give up this feature because of other real-life duties.

So this is your chance to become a front-page writer for Bleed Cubbie Blue. Please email me using the email address on the masthead (click More>About at the top of the page to find it) and Russ and I will help get you started. Please include your BCB user name in any email; as with Russ and Erik Peterson, the previous writer for Cub Tracks, I'd like someone already fairly well-known to the community to take over, if possible.

I'm also looking for one other front-page writer. Tim Huwe is going to be unable to continue the minor-league coverage he was providing here, so I'm looking for someone well-versed in the Cubs system to supplement Josh in the minor-league coverage he provides. Knowledge of the draft and potential draft prospects would also be useful for anyone in this position.

The possibility exists for writing opportunities beyond these specific needs, if you are the one selected. I'd also like to encourage any of BCB's female readers to apply, as I'd love to have the female perspective on baseball on our staff.

So -- let me hear from you soon! I'd like to get someone started on both these things this week. Thanks!