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The Cubs Clearance Rack House of Horrors

BCB's Danny Rockett combs through the Cubs clearance rack for the worst and most useless items.

Just in time for Halloween, the Shop is offering 25% off all clearance items. But shopper beware! This horrifying fan gear is not for the faint of heart!

1. 2015 NLCS Hat

Mets Cubs NLCS

Relive the Cubs sweeping at the hands of the Mets! Sure to be a big hit at Wrigley next year!

2. 2015 Cubs Calendar

cubs 2015 Calendar

So, you forgot to buy a calendar this year? It's not too late! From Welington Castillo to Jeff Samardzija, you can relive the last 14 months, and be up to date for the next two!

3. 2013 All-Star Game Mets Apple

Mets Homerun apple

Now you can relive the magic of Travis Wood's Cubs representation in the 2013 All-Star game (he didn't pitch) and Travis d'Arnaud's long home run in the NLCS all at once!

4. Still Expensive Darwin Barney Jersey

Darwin Barney jersey

You'll win the Gold Glove for soon to be ironic retro Cubs fan with this Darwin Barney jersey! Release your love for Darwin like the Blue Jays released him!

5. Ugly Women's Cubs Shoes

ugly cubs shoes

These women's shoes have made an appearance on my clearance rack articles for the past two years. Apparently, no one wants them because they are still for sale. Ugly shoes? Anyone? Anyone?

6. Hat Commemorating Rainout

rainout game

In 2008, the Cubs and Padres were to play the last Hall of Fame game at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, New York. The game never happened due to rain, but you can still buy the hat!

7. Non-logo Hat

non logo hat

Looking for an elusive yet authentic way to show your Cubs fandom? Look no further than the authentic 1914 & 1929 logoless cap! Was Cubs ownership was too cheap to invest in "C's"?

8. Horribly Ugly Men's Shirt

moonlight ugly cubs shirt

This Doggett Tee by Moonlight Graham should probably only be worn in dim moonlight or given to a dog... to eat. Or, if you like having old-timey ice cream man shoulders and armpits, this just might be the shirt for you!

There you have them, the ugliest and most useless items in the Cubs' clearance catalogue. There is some decent fan gear in the clearance section for 25 percent off as well, but writing about those is not nearly as much fun.

Also, hurry! Sale ends today!