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2015 World Series Game 4: Royals vs. Mets, Saturday 10/31, 7:07 CT

Baseball on Halloween!

Elsa/Getty Images

For those of us hoping for a Royals victory in the World Series, the Mets' win in Game 3 was good news for one reason only: it guaranteed us one more baseball game this year, which will be Game 5 Sunday night. More baseball is always good!

Chris Young, who threw three shutout relief innings with four strikeouts in Game 1 (53 pitches) last Tuesday, will start for the Royals. Will the short rest hurt him?

Young has been around long enough that we can begin to date his career from a "who was his teammate his rookie year" standpoint. Young came up with the 2004 Rangers. Kenny Rogers, who debuted in 1989, was his teammate that year. No, not this Kenny Rogers, and if I never see that commercial again, I'd be very happy.

Steven Matz, who has made eight major-league starts (six in the regular season, two in the postseason), goes for the Mets. Expect the Fox folks to make a big deal about how Matz grew up not far from Shea Stadium.

Once again, the weather forecast is decent for this time of year -- no rain, temperatures in the 50s. Looks like it'll be a bit warmer for Sunday's game.

The game is on Fox. Announcers: Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci. Royals lead series 2-1. game preview Gameday

This will be the only thread for tonight's game. Enjoy, and discuss amongst yourselves.