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Wrigley Field Construction/Playoff Update: October 1-3

In addition to updating the construction project. we've got photos of the ballpark and Wrigleyville neighborhood preparing to host postseason play.

BCB's David Sameshima made two visits to Wrigley Field late last week and found the area decorated for the postseason.

On Thursday I made a late afternoon visit to the ballpark. I just wanted to catch what the plaza building looked like now.I had heard that new Cubs banners had gone up along Clark Street and that the Ernie Banks statue was now sporting a jersey, so I decided to make a visit on Saturday. Later when I was reviewing my Thursday photos, I noticed that the new Cubs street banners were visible in few of my photos. I hadn't noticed them on Thursday.All three statues were now sporting new jerseys, with the special postseason patch. I also saw that there were larger spots along the bleacher exterior where the paint has been sanded away. Not sure what this is all about.

You'll note in photos 25, 26 and 27, which show the back fences of some left-field bleacher sections, that it appears as of Saturday there were no section numbers placed. They'll be needing those pretty soon!

These photos are from Thursday, October 1 and Saturday, October 3. We'll have more as the postseason, and then the offseason, continue. (Hopefully, the latter not until November!)