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All The Ex-Cubs On 2015 Postseason Rosters

Let's have a look at the old friends we might meet up with in the playoffs.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Before you get righteously indignant about the topic of this article, let me point out two things.

First, this has a bit more meaning this year as the Cubs are actually in the postseason and might play against some of their former mates.

Second, I'm doing this just for fun and not ascribing any larger meaning to it.

Fair enough? Let's get started and meet all the former Cubs who might appear in this year's playoffs. Logistical notes: since there aren't many details about anyone's postseason roster yet, I am listing all the players currently on 40-man rosters who once played for the Cubs. Not all of these players are eligible for playoff rosters. This list includes only players who played for the Cubs in the major leagues and does not include players who played only in the Cubs farm system (among those: Josh Donaldson, Robinson Chirinos) or who only appeared on the Cubs' 40-man roster during the offseason (for example: Liam Hendriks, Omar Infante, and don't even think about mentioning Josh Hamilton).


Aramis Ramirez


Miguel Socolovich, Carlos Villanueva


Anthony Recker


Justin Ruggiano


Scott Feldman, Dan Straily, Luis Valbuena


No one

Blue Jays

Darwin Barney, LaTroy Hawkins, Dioner Navarro


No one


No one

As you can see, there aren't many ex-Cubs on the other nine postseason teams this year -- just 11 players all told. Undoubtedly, this has a lot to do with the Cubs being a bad team for the last five seasons before this one; most of the players on those teams wouldn't likely be able to help a postseason team in 2015.

It'd be fun to see the Astros, where the deal sending Valbuena and Straily to Houston brought Dexter Fowler to the Cubs and clearly helped both teams, or the Blue Jays and Navarro and Hawkins, in the World Series. Barney is eligible for a postseason roster only through the "Jason Motte Loophole" (which the Cubs are likely to use to activate Trevor Cahill, at least for the wild-card game), and Feldman is on the 60-day disabled list and won't play in the postseason.

Finally, though Aramis Ramirez put together many good years for the Cubs and I certainly have fond memories of his years in Chicago, I hope the Cubs send him into retirement after Wednesday. In 1998, ex-Cub Joe Carter made the last out of the wild-card tiebreaker game against the Giants, a popup squeezed by Mark Grace. It'd be sweet to see A-Ram do the same tomorrow.