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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 9

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The weather has been quite cooperative for work at Wrigley so far this offseason.

It was another beautiful afternoon Monday when BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field and filed this report:

I was downtown for a meeting, so I was dressed up and I was only carrying my pocket camera. On my way home, I did take a quick stop by the ballpark. I did not have time to walk completely around. I also kept my distance, so I wouldn't get covered by the dust from all the debris.I did walk up to the front of the ballpark when there were not dust clouds being kicked up. Unfortunately, they still have extra barricades and fences stacked up inside the outer barricade fences. The view through the gaps in the outer fence were blocked by the fences stacked up inside.I could see that bobcats were busy ferrying debris out the main gate into the waiting dumpster parked under the marquee. Back along Sheffield Avenue, there were workers up in the bleachers. One team was working along the southern end of the right field bleacher patio. Another team was working underneath the same patio.It will now be difficult to look through Gate Q (the knothole gate) on Sheffield. Even if the inner gate doors are open, there is now a chain link gate along the curb. It is risky standing here. This area is in a lane of traffic with Sheffield Avenue now permanently narrowed. There is not much traffic here, but cars and trucks do come through. It is difficult to concentrate on finding a certain angle through a gap in the fence, and also paying attention to traffic. When the outer gate is open, that means they are allowing access to work vehicles to pass through.

In regard to the exposed brick that you see in photos 20, 21 and 22, I believe that based on the renderings, that area will be sealed up with brick on the outside, and the bricks you see visible now will remain in place, as they appear to be part of an interior wall.

We'll have more photos here later this week.