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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 10

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Lots more demolition going on, on a gorgeous afternoon.

Unlike last November, which was quite cold, the weather this month has been gorgeous, with temperatures running significantly above normal.

This has given work crews at Wrigley Field the ability to work at a good pace, perhaps even faster than they might have imagined. This is a good thing, considering they were delayed about four weeks... by something we hope delays them every year in October.

The demolition of the old office space above the main entrance and ticket windows continues. Again I refer you to this rendering:

facade rendering

... which shows exactly what's being demolished in that area and what's going to replace it. The look is going to be more or less the same, with the exception of the terra cotta below the windows and above the entrance. That will replicate the look of the ballpark from the 1930s.

The other most interesting photos to me, in this set, are the ones of the plaza building, which is really taking shape. The steelwork should be done relatively soon, I'd think, and they can get to work on the interior. Occupancy of this building still isn't expected until late 2016.

We'll have more photos here tomorrow.