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Jackson Browne And James Taylor Will Play Wrigley Field In 2016

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The first concert of next year was announced by the Cubs Thursday.

Jackson Browne performs in 2015
Jackson Browne performs in 2015
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Are you a fan of James Taylor or Jackson Browne? Or both? The singers, who reached their top popularity in the 1970s, will be Wrigley Field's first concert of 2016:

That's a week from tomorrow, if you're not near a calendar. I presume Cubs season-ticket holders will likely get a chance at a presale for these tickets at some point before November 20.

The Cubs did a pretty good job resodding Wrigley Field for baseball after the concerts in September this year. On June 30, 2016 the Cubs will be in New York, playing the Mets in the eighth game of what will be an 11-game road trip. They'll be back at Wrigley to face the Reds Monday, July 4, so the team will have three days to get the field back in shape after the concert.