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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 12

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Some nighttime photos give the project a different look.

BCB's David Sameshima stopped by the ballpark after dark Thursday and filed this report:

Due to my current schedule, this is the only time I can pass by the ballpark. I am not able to carry around my regular photo equipment, so I am limited to taking these photos with my pocket camera. Sorry for the quality of these images. It's difficult to take decent night time photos with a small sensor pocket camera.They were still working on demolition work in front of the ballpark. The work was being concentrated on the Clark Street side, above where the ticket windows are located.At one point, my eyes started to sting. It was only then, did I realize how much dust was being kicked up in the air. Due to the dark, you couldn't really see it. It wasn't until I went across the street, that I could see the clouds of dust being illuminated by the street lights. The wind was coming out of the north, so the dust was being blown across Addison Street. In the street lights, I could also see it being blown down the street, toward all the bars south on Clark Street. With my pocket camera, I could not capture the dust in the air.

We'll have more photos over the weekend.