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2016 Cubs Season Ticket Information And Pricing: No Additions/Upgrades

This is the price of winning.

Here's some more information on the Cubs' season-ticket pricing, which was released to season-ticket holders Friday afternoon.

Two of the most interesting bits of information sent along with the invoices:

  • Existing season-ticket holders will not be allowed to add any seats to their plans this year -- last year they could.
  • Holders of the combo plan will not be allowed to upgrade to full-season tickets -- last year they could.

Really, neither of these should come as a surprise, though there might be those upset that they can't upgrade from the combo plan to a full-season plan, particularly in the bleachers. The Cubs are a winning team now and along with that winning, comes higher demand for tickets. I used to say that there were years, along about 2003-04 and again in 2007-08, where they could throw open the gates and people would be almost literally knocking them down to get in; tickets were in extremely high demand in those years and the club attendance record of 3,300,200 (40,743 per date) was set in 2008. With capacity somewhat higher now, that record could fall in 2016.

Here are the pricing charts and the schedule breakdowns for 2016 (click to embiggen):

2016 full season ticket pricing

2016 combo plan season ticket pricing

2016 corrected schedule