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The Cubs And Alex Gordon, Free Agent

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Some rumors have linked Gordon to the Cubs. I hope they don't sign him.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I can't be any more honest than what's above here. Alex Gordon is a good baseball player. But signing him would be paying for someone else getting his good years.

Here, have a look at his baseball-reference page. Gordon put up four straight seasons of 4.2 bWAR or higher, peaking at 7.2 bWAR in 2011.

He's a pretty good player. But he will turn 32 years old just before spring training next year and has not played a position other than left field since 2011. He just completed a four-year, $37.5 million deal with the Royals. That's pretty good money, but it finished with $12.5 million paid to him in 2015. He's certainly not going to be looking for anything less than that money going forward, and again, at 32 this is Gordon's one big chance to cash in on his decent career that had him a key part of two straight World Series teams.

So you're probably looking at paying a guy who can really only play left field for at least three years, and likely at least $15 million per season. Is that worth it for the risk of getting Gordon's decline years? Also, he missed almost two months of the 2015 season with a groin injury.

I'd say let someone else overpay for Alex Gordon. What say you?