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The Cubs And Ben Zobrist, Free Agent

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Here's another former Joe Maddon player who could be of some help to the Cubs.

Elsa/Getty Images

There were plenty of rumors around last summer that the Cubs were after Ben Zobrist at the 2015 non-waiver trade deadline. He'd have been a good fit, as the Cubs were looking for a second baseman at the time. Of course, if they had traded for Zobrist and installed him at second base, they wouldn't have been the beneficiary of Starlin Castro's hot streak.

Would Zobrist be a good fit for the 2016 Cubs? He can still play multiple positions, as he played both second and third base and left and right field in 2015. He's played a handful of games at first base in the past and might wind up being a suitable guy to give Anthony Rizzo a break there from time to time, if he would work on first-base skills during spring training. He's even played some shortstop and center field in the past (he was almost exclusively a shortstop coming up in the Tampa Bay system), but those days seem to be over. Still, he could be of value at five positions.

Zobrist's hitting has declined somewhat from his peak seasons -- 2009-12 -- and he will turn 35 next May. He might be a very useful player to have around to fill in at various positions even if he's not a full-time starter anywhere. He's now got the experience of playing on a World Series winner, which has value. And, of course, he's got the Joe Maddon connection, having played nine full years for Maddon in Tampa. If anyone knows how to get the best out of Zobrist, it's Maddon.

I'd be inclined to take a chance on Zobrist, but at his age, on no more than a two-year deal.

Would you agree?