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Vote For The SB Nation Hitter Of The Year

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It's time for awards!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

All this week, awards will be announced from the Baseball Writers Association of America and Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (I'm a member of the latter group). I'll post those results here, and also this week, you can help choose the SB Nation award winners.

Today, I present some choices for Hitter of the Year. This is a single award for hitters from both leagues, and you can use any criteria you want to place your vote. I'm leaving you 10 choices in the poll. If I've left off someone you want to vote for, please leave your choice in the comments.

In my view, there's really only one choice here -- Bryce Harper, who had a season above and beyond anyone. Josh Donaldson's season was excellent, but Harper's is a cut above, I think.

Once the balloting is in from all the SB Nation team sites, the overall SB Nation Hitter of the Year will be chosen based on that voting. The hitters are listed in the poll in alphabetical order.

Thanks for participating!