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Vote For The SB Nation Cubs Defensive Play Of 2015

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What's the best Cubs fielding play of 2015?

Jon Durr/Getty Images

The SB Nation awards continue with a non-traditional award. Let's look at some of the best, or in some cases, weirdest Cubs defensive plays of 2015.

Here are four nominees. If you have another play you like better, leave it in the comments. These are in chronological order. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Cubs won all four of these games.

In the bottom of the sixth inning May 6 in St. Louis, Kris Bryant threw out Mark Reynolds on a routine ground ball to third base. Routine, except Kris had some "assistance":

In the bottom of the second inning June 23 at Wrigley Field, the Dodgers' Adrian Gonzalez attempted to catch a foul popup hit by Jason Hammel. Someone else made the grab:

Anthony Rizzo seems to enjoy fighting off the tarp at Wrigley Field. He fell over it to make a catch in 2013 and in the top of the sixth August 12 at Wrigley Field, did it again:

This fielding play probably had the most impact of any of these. Addison Russell makes a great diving stop and flip to Javier Baez for the out -- the last out of a 5-4 win over the Cardinals September 19 at Wrigley Field:

Vote for one of these four as the best Cubs defensive play of 2015 -- or perhaps you have one you like better. You can vote that way in the poll; if you do, please leave a link to video or put a GIF in the comments.