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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 17

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The ballpark's skeleton is now wide open.

BCB's David Sameshima had a chance to take some photos at Wrigley Field both before and after work Tuesday; here's his report.

I took these photos while commuting to work. I was not carrying my normal photo equipment, and just took these photos with a small pocket camera. The first three photos were taken in the morning, through the window of a CTA bus. The remaining photos were taken on my way home, in the evening. People, please be careful out there. In photo 4 you can see a coach bus parked on Sheffield Avenue. There was a group sightseeing at Wrigley. This bus was blocking traffic on Sheffield. I heard some of them so exited to be able to take photos of themselves outside of Wrigley Field. I do not know if they were aware of the construction, and didn't have time to stop and ask.While I was in front of the ballpark taking photos, I heard a commotion behind me. Four members of the group taking photos, were standing too close to the curb, and almost got clipped by a passing Clark Street CTA bus. Please pay attention.On my visit on Sunday, I saw so many close calls. I saw a motorist almost make a left turn directly in front of an Addison Street CTA bus. I saw a pedestrian jaywalk cross Addison Street, right in front of passing traffic, without looking in either direction. I saw another pedestrian in the crosswalk, walk right in front of a CPD squad car that had lights and sirens on. The squad car had to stop. I saw other scenes where motorists and pedestrians were not paying attention, as they were trying to take a look at the construction work, while passing by or taking photos.

This is good advice. I have been around the ballpark myself and it's not easy to get around, with all the various street closures and other barricades. Wrigley Field is an active construction site and while it's tempting to want to get out and take photos, please take care and be aware of the tight spaces for passage caused by the construction.

It looks like they got quite a bit of work done Tuesday despite the rainy weather. It's going to be quite a bit colder later in the week, so I'm sure the crews are glad they got a lot of things done now. We'll have more photos later this week.