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Cubs Ticket Flex Packs On Sale Thursday

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Ready to buy 2016 Cubs tickets already? Here's your chance.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs haven't even finished getting season-ticket deposits back (those are due December 2), but they're already gearing up to sell tickets to games in packs of six or 12.

Here's the link where the packs will be on sale and you can click through to find the games that are available for each one.

"After an exciting season and equally optimistic outlook for 2016, we’re pleased to once again offer Cubs 6-Game Packs and Cubs 12-Game Flex Packs – now available before the holiday season," said Cubs Vice President of Sales and Partnerships Colin Faulkner. "These multi-game packs are the best way for our fans to secure tickets to their must-have matchups before single game tickets go on sale."

Looking through both of those, you can certainly find decent opponents in all of them. All of the Friday packs include either the Pirates or Cardinals, some both. Those are limited to specific games.

The 12-packs give you a wider choice of games once you choose three "prime" games and you again could make up a pack that includes quite a few against the Cardinals and Pirates.

I'll be interested to see how these prices compare to season-ticket prices. The sale begins Thursday (tomorrow) at noon CT, online at the link above, by calling 1-800-THE-CUBS (1-800-843-2827) or by speaking with the Fan Services team at 773-388-8270.