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Vote For The SB Nation Cubs Bat Flip/Celebration Of 2015

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Here's one to have fun with.

David Banks/Getty Images

I have for your consideration in this category two bat flips and two celebrations. Let's once again look at them in chronological order.

In the 10th inning June 23 at Wrigley Field, Chris Denorfia hit a long fly ball that was caught in center field in the 10th inning. (Why Joc Pederson actually caught this ball is beyond me.) Matt Szczur scored the winning run and the Cubs won 1-0. Then look at what Anthony Rizzo and some other Cubs do to Denorfia:

August 24 at Wrigley Field, Kris Bryant hit a walkoff home run against the Indians. That certainly calls for a celebration, but I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like what I'm calling the "Strop Strut":

Pedro Strop was warming up in case the game went to the 10th inning and decided to accompany Bryant from third to home.

Now let's move to the wild-card game. Kyle Schwarber launched a ball into the Allegheny River outside PNC Park and flipped his bat. Pat Hughes has the call:

Finally, you'll certainly recall Jose Bautista's bat flip in Toronto in the last game of the Blue Jays' division-series win over the Rangers. The next day, Anthony Rizzo was imitating that during batting practice:

Vote for your favorite, or another one that you like from this great Cubs season. If you vote for one that's not in this post, please link to video or post a GIF.