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Cubs Installed As 2016 World Series Betting Favorites

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The 2015 World Series just ended... but there are already odds on next year's.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs came close to getting to the World Series this year, and you probably would have gotten pretty good odds had you bet on them a year ago to do so.

Via, we learn this morning that the Cubs are favorites -- above even the just-crowned champion Kansas City Royals -- to win the Series in 2016.

Here are the odds given by Bovada for the 2016 World Series as of today, November 2:

Chicago Cubs, 11/1
Kansas City Royals, 12/1
Los Angeles Dodgers, 12/1
New York Mets, 12/1
St. Louis Cardinals, 12/1
Toronto Blue Jays, 12/1
Washington Nationals, 12/1
Houston Astros, 14/1
Pittsburgh Pirates, 14/1
Texas Rangers, 14/1
New York Yankees, 18/1
Boston Red Sox, 20/1
Cleveland Indians, 20/1
Detroit Tigers, 20/1
Los Angeles Angels, 20/1
San Francisco Giants, 20/1
Seattle Mariners, 25/1
Tampa Bay Rays, 33/1
Baltimore Orioles, 40/1
Minnesota Twins, 40/1
Arizona Diamondbacks, 50/1
Chicago White Sox, 50/1
Cincinnati Reds, 50/1
Miami Marlins, 50/1
Milwaukee Brewers, 50/1
Oakland Athletics, 50/1
San Diego Padres, 50/1
Atlanta Braves, 100/1
Colorado Rockies, 100/1
Philadelphia Phillies, 200/1

A few caveats, as always, regarding these odds. Obviously, it's extremely early and teams will make moves in the offseason that will change their chances of winning in 2016. Also, these are gambling odds, not necessarily the actual baseball chances of teams winning or losing. The Cubs are always a popular bet in Las Vegas even when they're not any good due to the Cubs' huge fanbase, that often will make a "Cubs will win the World Series" bet just because they figure they'll get a huge payoff if it actually happens.

The fact that the Cubs are currently installed as the "favorite" might dampen that kind of wager, given that the odds are the lowest for any team. As noted, that's likely to change. And as always, if you are wagering, please do so where it's legal.

Just thought you'd all like to see these as we transition into baseball's offseason.