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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 19

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My turn to have a look at the ballpark.

Thursday morning, it was sunny but quite chilly and windy as I made my way to Wrigley Field to see for myself the progress of demolition (and that's what it is right now; "construction" will come later).

They've made considerable progress knocking down pretty much everything that was the old offices above the main entrance. This area is, of course, going to be rebuilt as a high-end restaurant/club. It does look pretty stark right now, with nothing more than a steel skeleton at the main entrance. You can't really get up too close to the park to see anything. The only place along Addison where you can actually stand near the park is right near the corner of Clark & Addison, a small spot they have left open for right-turn vehicles onto Clark, with also a bit of sidewalk open.

As you can see in photo 5, they've buttoned up the north face of the left-field stands above Gate K so it's impossible to see inside at whatever work is going on in that sector. With the bright sunshine it was very difficult to see from my street vantage point what sort of demolition was happening in the bleachers (photos 7 and 8), although from previous photosets we know they've at least knocked out the ground-floor restrooms near the bleacher entrance.

The crews have had good weather to work in up to now, even Thursday when it was a bit windy and cold, it was still a decent day for crews to work outdoors and there were quite a number of workers visible in many areas of the park. With the weather forecast calling for significant snow Friday night into Saturday, Friday might be the last day they get work done until early next week.

We'll have more photos then.