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I Am Missing You, Chicago Cubs

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BCB's Danny Rockett releases a crowd-sourced Cubs fan music video parody to express our collective feelings of baseball season loss.

This all started when a guy named Tim paid $100 to the 2015 Cubs Canon to sponsor a song and music video through my GoFundMe campaign, and tasked the Ivy Envy Cubs podcast with coming up with the idea for a song and video. Corey Fineran, one of the fabulous hosts of Ivy Envy, was in town for a conference a week after the season ended, and we went out for beer and deep dish pizza, commiserating about our feelings of loss.

It's not just that the Cubs lost in the playoffs, it's that the 2015 season is over and we don't ever get to watch this particular Chicago Cubs team again. The fabulous handsome rookies injecting hope into the North Side again. The helmet rubs and gum bucket rallies! The Joe Maddon magic shows and all the walk-off winning! 2015 was special and Corey and I missed our Cubs.

Anyway, Corey said that all week he'd been listening to sad 1980s power ballads to match his mood, and, Eureka! That's what we'll do! An 80s power ballad about missing the Cubs! So I wrote and recorded a parody of Skid Row's "I'll Remember You" and we asked fans of The Son Ranto Show, Ivy Envy and BCB readers to send in videos of them being sad that the 2015 Cubs season is over. And you did it!!

Here are all the fabulous Cubs fans who sent in videos: Lyle Aker, Michael Cotton, Corey Fineran, Lauren McGregor, Dan Nielsen, Dawn Strand, Kiara and Mika Speek, Harold and Gavin Christensen, Mark Genovese, Shawn, Delaney, and Theodore O'hare, Mike, Addison, and Sierra Leonard, Kris Bonner, Andrew Hanus, Gary Damico, Antonio Brunetti, and @FuR.

Thanks so much for being a part of a cathartic season-ending healing process!

So without further ado ...