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Cub Tracks Gets Scientific

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Experimentation never ends, but conclusions are drawn anyway.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Some snacks for your brain on a late-fall Sunday.

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

  • Patrick Mooney opines: How the Cubs plan to rebuild their bullpen next October. I'd think that they're planning to rebuild the bullpen in January, February, etc., with an eye toward October. Cubs thinking small dollars, big results.

From CBS Chicago:

  • Jake Arrieta says that it is a common misconception that Scott Boras will push him toward the open market. The pitcher wants to be in Chicago for years to come. Includes full interview from the Spiegel and Goff show [Audio].

From ESPN Chicago:

  • [Audio] Jake Arrieta didn't have much left in the tank. He and the team will learn from that and adjust accordingly.
  • Jesse Rogers: A Jeff Samardzija return makes sense; Starlin Castro to the Yankees doesn't.
  • Jesse also writes that pursuing David Price or Jordan Zimmermann is the Cubs' key decision. Pros and cons for either scenario.


From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Mark Gonzales: Cubs have many options available to fortify their rotation substantially. All hands on deck to create the best roster. Joe Maddon gets involved, Theo does lunch.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From the Daily Herald:

  • John Slania: What business can learn from Cubs, Maddon. Some points to consider moving forward. Area businessmen offer wisdom.

From Cubs Den:

  • John Arguello writes about the Cubs and Braves talking about a swap of cost-controlled pitching for position players. Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal add to the growing chorus. Julio Teheran? Shelby Miller? Baez? Castro? Hmm.

From Bleacher Nation:

  • Brett Taylor: Cubs have reportedly checked in on John Lackey. The free-agent righthander is an interesting option. Ken Rosenthal also agrees with this. No word on Ron Coomer's opinion.

From Cubs Insider:

  • Teddy Eley and Todd Johnson: Cubs organizational positional breakdown - Third base exploding with talent. Kris Bryant, Jeimer Candelario, Christian Villaneuva are only the best-known of a promising group.


Food for thought:

  • [Video] The illusion of a curveball. Sleight-of-mind.
  • The physics of baseball. How it really works, with links to other material. Excellent scientific discussion of the spheroid and the opposing force.
  • [.pdf] The physics of pitching in the wind. Scholarly breakdown, possibly suitable for Kyle Hendricks.