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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 21

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Snow hit Chicago for the first time this winter on Saturday. Still, work was ongoing at the ballpark.

It is not your screen, if some of the images in this photoset might look a little funny. It was sleeting during my entire visit, so the weather was not clear. In fact I actually saw some of these photos clearly for the first time when I got home. My eyeglasses were constantly getting covered by sleet. My priority was to keep my camera and camera lens clean. By the time they were clean, I couldn't clearly see through my glasses.I could hear work taking place in the right field patio. I notice that the food prep counters that were underneath the back edge of the right-field video board had been disassembled, and the sections had been moved around. The main food grill section was set back in an aisle behind the bleachers.When I got around to the broadcast lot area, it looked like there is now a foundation for a building along the east end of the lot. The utility work has now moved out into the Waveland and Clark intersection. This is the reason why Clark Street has been reduced to one lane.I had left the ballpark area when the sleet turned into snow. I wasn't too far from the ballpark, so I returned to take a few more photos of the snow coming down.Again, if you are in the ballpark area, please be careful. I have see so much erratic behavior in the area, this past week. This is by both pedestrians and motorists. I don't have the time to tell all the strange things I have seen. Photo 1 tells one story: it involved a man walking out into the middle of the Clark/Addison intersection, and standing in front of a cab. This blocked some of the traffic trying to get through the intersection, as the man refused to let the cab pass. The man continued blocking the cab for a few minutes, and then walked away.I was able to capture one of these moments on Saturday. While I was standing on the northwest corner of Clark and Addison, a car drove up behind me, and then drove right up to the entrance of the Cubs Store. The driver then turned the car around, and drove back onto Addison Street. Maybe the driver thought the Cubs Store had a drive thru window? Fortunately I was the only one crazy enough to be standing in front of the Cubs Store, taking photos in a snowstorm.

We'll have more photo updates during the week.